Saturday, July 17, 2010

So Blessed

An update on Husband....all is well with him. He has a class II concussion, thanks to Google, I know am completely informed and have sent him several emails on how to heal - just time and sleep! He should be back with his guys next week....thank goodness!!!

Of course with good news comes what we will refer to as the "Profit of Doom" friends. These are the friends that when you are happy, they have to try to negate your happiness. This particular couple, the Dooms, managed to tell everyone about husband's "injury"...I use the quotes because compared to a lot of these brave men and women what he experienced was just a setback. So anyhow a week ago Friday I start getting phone calls from a few wives of our friends and I knew why they were calling without them actually asking. They haven't called in a while, ask if I've heard from Jimmy...during which I have to recount the last week.

Then Saturday we had dinner with the Dooms in which I was told that what happened to husband was a lot worse than I thought. And that Headquarters Marine Corps never should have called me, and if he doesn't get better he is going home...I am assured that they will get to the bottom of this. Here's the thing - despite the fact that I know they are coming from somewhere good and think they are helping however a- telling me he is worse that I thought...NOT HELPING!! and b - if there are problems or people are talking about me or Husband I want it to be because of something that we did, not because people are searching or looking or being noisy!!!

I am sure that we all have our own Doom family - it is almost as if they thrive off of your unhappiness. But I am happy to say that Husband is lucky to be alive today and he is safe and he will be with his Marines. So for once this year things have gone according to plan and I am so blessed to have him to call me another day!

Happy Readings!

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