Friday, June 11, 2010

Where does he get this...

The Ring Leader says the best things. He can make me smile even when they have run me over with a 10-ton truck! A lot of it he picks up from me and examples of that are:
We have discussed this before
Use your words, not your hands
Is it necessary to ....?
I am losing my patience

Somethings he comes up with on his are some of his best from this week...
I had sprayed some of Husband's cologne on his blanket, he walks into our room and says, "Wow, I can smell Daddy from far, far away!"

My babysitter was asking what color Baby's eyes are, I responded "brown, all the boys eyes are brown." This was the response we received, "yup we all have brown eyes and penises." Not only is he observant, but also provides anatomy lessons.

And not only does he absorb everything he hears and repeats it, comes up with hus own sayings, he also knows how to flatter the ladies. He is forever telling me how pretty I am or how nice I look generally it is when he is being scolded. Today we were taking a walk and were playing I Spy, when he said, "I spy with my little eye something skinny. It's you Mama." What a way to get to stay up a little late!

Off to battle with children who refuse to sleep! Happy Readings!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Time to Breath...

What a past couple of weeks I have had. Had all appointments for Baby of course TriCare was awesome and sent us up to Orange for his test and then down to San Diego to see the Urologist. The problem is worse than we thought, but nothing they can do for the next year. Thankfully Husband will be home at that point, so it will be awesome to have him around. Fingers crossed and prayers that this resolves itself within the point in worrying about it right now. All that I can do it give him his penicillin every night.

I have reopened my daycare for one of my daycare kids...he is the sweetest thing, but not having that flexibility in my schedule really adds a bit of stress to my plate...aagghhh...

Trying to plan the move. Husband is stationed at 29 Palms; we live on Camp Pendleton and will move over the summer so we are settled when he gets home. Long story...he had his orderes modified to deploy with his current unit after speaking with the Battalion CO, checked in right after Christmas and was deployed shortly after. Since I was 8 months pregnant when we deployed we decided to stay at Camp Pendleton for some time. This is awesomeness to the 10th degree. For starters there is no one on 29 Palms that you are able to get in touch with....EVER!!!!! I am just trying to reach a few people and it is near impossible. Thankfully the majority of the move is taken care of on this end and everything else I need done, I'll just figure it out!

And the most challenging of all is my own boys as cute as they are! The Ring Leader is testing his boundaries and how little sleep he can survive on! He certainly makes the days interesting...and challenging. He needs that father figure in the house to reign him in because he knows that he can wear me down! So we are on a tight rope navigating our way across. By the time Husband gets home we will have it down pat!

Stinky Boy turns 2 today....what a ride it has been! He is also acting out in his own way...starting to hit, yell, and no is his new favorite word. His need for independence is great right now, so we will get this the best we can! And Baby is as sweet as can be...just wants to cry and get some undivided attention all during bedtime for the other 2 boys.

Here is where we are...counting down the days until the deployment is over...too many right now, but we are checking them off one by one. Just need to remember to breath and take it one moment at a time.

Happy Readings!