Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not Part of Our Plan

Husband was offered this job with his command by his CO in the back of our church, which modified our orders by 7 months to the right. Baby was a super stealth baby...we didn't know he was coming until I was 24 weeks along (I hang my head in shame, but I did go to the Dr several times, who told me to lose weight of all things!), Ring Leader broke his leg a week before Husband's departure, Stinky Boy refuses to speak, he is at a 12 month range...

This has been my year so far. Nothing, and I mean nothing has gone according to plan. So why would I ever imagine that in this maddness back in the States that I am doing do I think Husband's deployment would go to plan. And by plan I mean he has to follow my rules - no purple hearts and no awards with the statement that reads "without regard to his personal safety" (we already have thank you!!)

So here is how we went off path...they were on a mission or whatever, didn't hear from him, but like a good Marine wife "no news is good news!" so Friday he calls me and we have a short conversation. He is good, dirty, smoking again (bad Husband!), hungry...but good. And it is so great to hear his voice. Saturday morning we are having a PCS yardsale and he calls again (woo-hoo!!) There is a hesitation in his voice and he tells me he got "his rocks knocked" but he is okay. While the details are not exactly there, he was near a bomb of some sort, which then exploded about 10 feet from him. We talk about how he feels, fine by the way, decide that sleep will heal him and that's that. On Monday he calls me after being forced to the Corpsman - grade II concussion, sleep will heal him. He went today to be rechecked and is off to get a CAT Scan because he isn't healing like he should.

I do not exactly know if he is getting a Purple Heart and I do not want him to have one. I do know that I got a phone call from a SSgt today telling me about his injury, which is not what I wanted to hear, but thankfully the Marine Corps is taking care of the wives and families back here to keep us informed. I do know that Husband was not supposed to get hurt - I know that he brought 44 Marines and a Corpsman with him and all 46 of them better come back in 1 piece. I also know that I do not want to see my husband without all 45 of those men...I do know that I want my husband to finish the deployment with his Marines. Not because I don't want to see him - I would love to have him here right now. But if he is here before them than something is seriously wrong and that just isn't part of our plan.

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